September 20, 2013

Text Messaging May Cut Risk of T2D


textingA pastime for many of us is text messaging. Granted many of us reading this already have diabetes of some form or another but would you believe a study published in the  Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology shows that texting can cut the risk of developing T2D?

You know that saying out of sight, out of mind? The average American sends about 41 texts per day. They’re probably looking at their phone quite a bit. It’s obvious that the text message reminders in this study were duly noted. The risk of T2D was calculated at almost a 40% decreased risk.

How did it all happen? At the end of the study, 95% of participants approved of the text messages they received, 2-3 times a week. These messages were a circulation of 60-80 different reminders to improve lifestyle with diet and physical activity.

Curiosity leads me to wonder what these messages said. Obviously they were positive, motivational and inspiring. At the end of the 2 year study, conclusive it was found that text  messaging is an effective and acceptable method to deliver advice and support towards lifestyle modification to prevent T2D.

For further information on the study, see the for study number NCT00819455.

Even though I already have T1D, I’m wildly curious as to what these messages read. The motivation evoke a 40% reduction of T2D diagnosis and a 95% approval ratings. They must be quite provocative.

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