December 20, 2013

The Anti-Obesity Properties of a Hen Egg


eggg2Researchers have found that the hen egg provides an upper hand to weight loss efforts. The powers of the anti-obesity and lipase-inhibiting properties were published in Nutrition & Metabolism.

Lipase inhibitors are a class of drugs used for weight loss. Lipase is essential to digest fats for absorption into the body. If the body cannot digest a food, it just goes through. Hence the infamous aftermath of weight loss drugs. Are you familiar with Xenical or Alli?

Although these drugs are known and proven to be effective in treating obesity, they do push the enveloped in daily doses. Should you choose a more natural route for healthy weight maintenance or weight loss, consider the egg of a hen.

The starring element of this globe of life is Anti-lipase IgY. It was found to block lipase activity. Supplementing the high fat diet with only 0.2% of Anti-lipase IgY for 35 days significantly reduced fat tissues, liver fat, triglycerides, and cholesterol.

As with many of the weight loss drugs, this weight loss was accompanied by a significant increase in the activity of tail-end excretion. Furthermore, Anti-lipase IgY treatment restored body weight gain to levels similar to mice fed with Control IgY.

If you’re more of a nature’s bounty health person, Anti-lipase IgY is an effective anti-obesity treatment for obvious reasons. Can hen eggs be found in your local grocery store in the refrigerated section?

It’s a fair question especially if you’re not raised in an agricultural environment. No worries. You can get a hen egg as easily as a loaf of bread. A hen is an adult female chicken.

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