January 8, 2012

The cure is coming….in 5 years. Yeah, right!


If you’ve have juvenile diabetes (aka type 1 diabetes) you’ve probably heard the claim we will have a cure in 5 years. I’ve heard it before. I’ve had type 1 diabetes since 1985.  When is the due date of this 5 years? Perhaps an alliance should form with the sole purpose of focusing the effort on a cure by 2025. For this reason, Juvenile Diabetes Cure Alliance (JDCA) was created.

The JDCA is different than the other organizations developed to find a cure for juvenile diabetes. Many companies that exist today were cultivated, funded, and sponsored by these very organizations. Yet juvenile diabetes still exists – and more people are being diagnosed every year. The JDCA does not receive compensation from the organizations discussed in their reports. The  JDCA may be the paradoxical burden of proof that juvenile diabetes is not too profitable to cure.

The impetus that led to the discovery of insulin was fueled by novel thinking, determination, and urgency. The pursuit to find a way to keep a person with diabetes alive was accomplished. Sometime in the last 90 years the quest for a cure became a  position of complacency. The push for a diabetes cure needs fresh momentum.   

The ultimate goal of JDCA is a practical cure for juvenile diabetes by 2025. What is meant by a “practical cure”? A “practical cure” seeks to deliver a result that most people would consider an acceptable, cure-like lifestyle. This includes a daily life that does not involve blood glucose testing (more than once a week), no more carb counting, no diet restrictions, a peaceful nights rest without the fear of bottoming-out, and maintaining an HbA1c between 6 and 7.

Whether you’re hanging your hat on Dr. Faustman’s BCG trial, the hopes of encapsulated islets, or  a destination unknown for the pipe dream we’ve all come to refer to as the cure – JDCA may be the best tour guide to get you there!

Take a minute to visit the JDCA website. Sign-up for the mailing list and get updates on who’s who driving the bus to the insulin-free world. See the video explaining the organization in the words of the people who work for the practical cure by 2025!

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