February 15, 2013

The Emergence of T2D in Young Adults


young_adultThe Charlize Theron film Young Adult was a dark comedy. Although this is no laughing matter, the emergence of Type 2 diabetes in Young Adults is becoming more alarming, according to a new study.

Traditionally before today, T2D was seen most often in the people above the age of 40. According to global calculations, it is suggested younger onset of the disease predicts an unfavorable outcome in quality of life, complications, and length of life.

The efforts in raising worldwide awareness of the diabetes epidemic are alive and well. Any day of the week, checking Google news for diabetes stories will land you a litany of diabetes awareness campaigns running throughout the world.

My point is the importance, urgency, and assistance is out there for anyone who may need it. The first step is acknowledging that you may be a statistic in this global epidemic. If you’re unsure of the criteria, visit Novo Nordisk site Ask. Screen. Know. Rev Run urges you to know.

The good news to this story is that we can beat this thing together. And this isn’t just a delusional fantasy. This is a clear reality.

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