January 8, 2013

The Emotional Toll of Diabetes


toll-of-diabetesLast week, DSMA Live podcast featured Riva Greenberg. Among the trinkets of wisdom she shared with us, she mentioned a book by Ginger Vieira titled “Emotional Eating with Diabetes”. To take the enlightenment a step further, Ginger told me about the coauthor of the book, Dr. William Polonsky.

All things considered, the DSMA Live podcast is an infinite source of diabetes-related topics. It’s a live show every Thursday night and you can download the podcast on iTunes. DSMA Live empowers, connects, supports, and educates  those touched by diabetes. Riva Greenberg is  a name to know if you have an interest in diabetes. This is why she was featured on the show.  This is also how the book about emotional eating was put on the table.

Ginger Vieira is no stranger to diabetes, either. She has lived with Type 1 diabetes since 1999. Ginger is a diabetes consultant and an author. Ginger’s second book, “Emotional Eating with Diabetes” is a guide to overcoming the challenges around food that can develop with diabetes. The book helps build a relationship with food that leaves you feeling proud of your choices and never deprived. Learn more about the author, Ginger Vieira, at Living in Progress Wellness & Diabetes Coaching.

Dr. Polonsky is dedicated and committed to helping people with diabetes live long, healthy, and happy lives at the Behavioral Diabetes Institute. He wrote the preface in  “Emotional Eating with Diabetes”. Furthermore, Dr. Polonsky has appeared on  shows like dLife and TCOYD. He speaks about topics like  diabetes burnout and diabetes etiquette.

At the risk of being trite and redundant mentioning the resolve for a new leaf in the New Year, let the aforementioned tools to help build a remarkable 2013 take shape. Whether it’s a weekly tune-in to DSMA Live, a good book on emotional eating, or a vacation to a BDI workshop — it’s good for you!

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