March 7, 2013

The Next Generation of the Insulin Pumps


tslimThe latest  insulin pump on the market is the t:slim. It’s intuitive design and ease of use are two of the many features that users appreciate.  The  people who had the greatest input in the development of the t:slim  were you – the insulin pump wearer.

The t:slim has been approved and creating a buzz in the pump wearing crowd. The buzz today sounds the FDA-clearance for the streamlined software that adds brains to beauty in the t:slim. The name of this specific feature is t:connect.

The t:connect software  pairs with its t:slim Insulin Pump. The software is designed for speed and simplicity to encourage people with diabetes to upload and review their treatment data more frequently, and to improve the efficiency and productivity of visits with healthcare providers.

Tandem Diabetes Care, the makers of the t:slim insulin pump, are dedicated to advancing the management of diabetes through novel technologies. They’ve created a smart insulin pump and teamed it up with smart software to make efficient and productive decisions in your diabetes management.

Time is one of the most valuable resources in the world. Tandem Diabetes Care is speaking the language we all understand. Diabetes can be difficult and time-consuming. The combination of the t:slim and t:connect kill two birds with one stone.

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