February 11, 2014

The SEARCH is on for Diabetes in Youths


SEARCHA study published in Diabetes Care identifies diabetes risk factors and hopes to raise awareness for the impending risks so that we can curtail the forecast of diabetes in youths.

All participants were under the age of 20 and living in the US. Areas of Colorado, Ohio, South Carolina, Washington, Southern California and American Indians living on reservations in Arizona and New Mexico were observed.

For identifying criteria, participants were diagnosed as T1D, T2D, or other by a doctor. Further information on study participants was the race or ethnicity.

Of the 3.4 million people analyzed, about 200,000 had diabetes. Both T1D and T2D were were the major forms of diabetes observed in the study. As age increased, so did the likelihood of diabetes. Women were more prone to diabetes than men.

The least prone ethnicity to develop diabetes were non-Hispanic white and Asian/Pacific people. The most prone ethnicity to develop T2D were Native American and black youth.

Whether you point to lifestyle, diet, heredity, antigen exposure or the unknown, it’s important to identify the underlying issue before you can resolve the problem. The SEARCH Study has zeroed-in on where to look. Researchers are investigating ways to¬† find the treasure to reduce diabetes in youths.

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