September 4, 2013

Those Extra Diabetes Supplies


extra-suppliesWhat are your options when you find yourself with a surplus of diabetes supplies? Diabetes Forecast reports on this all too familiar situation to help you clear space and give to others with diabetes.

Over 100,000 people worldwide struggle to get access to supplies. Whether it’s lancets, syringes, insulin or pump supplies that you have to donate, don’t let it go to waste. People are without any of these life important supplies for diabetes.

Considering the options for safe and effective use for unwanted diabetes supplies is paramount. Donating to the properly authorized organizations is your best course of action when it comes to medical supplies.

Locally, you can always find a Recognized Education Program by entering your ZIP code. This will ensure your extra diabetes supplies are shared with neighbors who need them.

Nationally, the American Red Cross is always a good choice to start. Disaster relief can never be too prepared, especially when it comes to diabetes. Remember Sandy? How about Katrina?

Internationally, the organization Insulin for Life is the best place to consider for a tax-exempt use of unused diabetes supplies. Donations include:  insulin, syringes, test strips and other diabetes supplies to be given to diabetes organizations throughout the world.

Whether you’ve changed a brand or a loved one has passed-away and left diabetes supplies behind, there is always a need for diabetes supplies. It’s a good thing if you have diabetes supplies. It’s a great thing if you have extra diabetes supplies to give. Never let a good thing go to waste.

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