February 11, 2012

Time is of the essence in Diabetes Management


In a world where time is money, and the money spent on the health of people living with diabetes is government coin – it would make sense that the UK is conducting the first ever clinical trial to incorporate a new wireless diabetes management system to join innovative technology and imminent teamwork for your diabetes health.

The company with the cellular-enabled insulin pump system is Cellnovo. The company was built by a seasoned group of veterans from both the medical device and mobile communications industries. Together, they have developed a mobile health system designed to reduce burden and provide more insight to people with diabetes, their healthcare teams and families.

Cellnovo’s diabetes management system, also called Cellnovo, includes an insulin pump that wirelessly connects to a touchscreen, cellular-enabled handheld glucose monitoring device. Last April DiabetesMine reported on Cellnovo by Kelly Close.

Cellnovo began a usability trial of its diabetes management system with 100 patients who have type 1 diabetes. The study will take place at ten of the leading diabetes centers across the UK and it and will include patients who are both adults and children. From the clinical perspective, Cellnovo provides accurate and current information that can identify and address problems that might go unnoticed for months.

So why is this genius treatment being launched in the UK before it sees the light of day in the US? The numbers show that 20-25% of people with diabetes in much of Europe and North America use pump therapy instead of multiple daily injections whereas 96% of people with diabetes in the UK use multiple daily injections. The anticipated results from this clinical study will demonstrate that the use of Cellnovo will enhance patient care, optimize workflow and drive cost efficiency. Gains in all the right places!

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