October 25, 2013

Tom Hanks Diagnosed with T2D and Maintaining the Temple


tom-hanksTom Hanks flawlessly acted in the role of Captain Phillips, the harrowing true tale of a freighter attacked by pirates  in 2009. Another true story is that Tom Hanks has been pirated by Type 2 diabetes, harrowing and nonetheless, unexpected.

Although this news seems to have just made headlines in the past few weeks, the 57 year-old actor has been aware of his blood sugar fluctuations since his 30s. In fact, upon confessing his personal struggles with David Letterman, Letterman confessed his issues with the bG monster, as well.

The propensity to make this long, drawn-out article about Tom Hanks T2D diagnosis is needless and time wasting. I’d rather exploit the fact that this is a man whose career has touched the lives of millions and his message about his T2D should do the same: it’s controllable.

Throughout his career, Tom Hanks as been Cast Away, he’s been Saving Private Ryan, he’s even been a part of Apollo 13. Today his role as a person with T2D does not impede his award-winning career as an actor. He is now given the spotlight to shine as an award-winning actor with T2D. I cannot wait to see Captain Phillips.

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