April 2, 2012

Walk with Walgreens makes sense for people with Diabetes


If it wasn’t for my unrelenting love of Celebrity Apprentice I wouldn’t know anything about this program and the fortune it offers people with diabetes. Walgreens has started a program called Walk with Walgreens. The mission of this movement is to encourage and inspire the masses to bring wellness into their life through walking.

It’s hardly opportunistic if Walgreens wants to reward you for doing something as simple as walking to benefit your health and reduce your bottom line at Walgreens checkout. Walking doesn’t ┬ámove a lot of people. However, when you put an incentive like rewards and coupons on the table the inherent benefits to your health overflow to your wallet and wellbeing.

It’s an easy program.

Step 1 – Sign Up for a profile page, and make new friends. Get involved on the site by participating in the forum. The Forum gives you a place to talk about any topics you would like to know about on Walk With Walgreens.

Step 2 – Submit your Walks. Walgreens wants you walking, and Walk with Walgreens wants to hear about those walks. On your profile, you can track and submit your daily and weekly walks, and share your walks with the community.

Step 3 – Earn Rewards. Your participation on Walk with Walgreens will earn you fun badges and cool coupons for great products. Commenting on posts, uploading walks and sharing your updates with others will get you on your way to rewards!

Walgreens asked some of their partner brands to join the Walk with Walgreens movement and help make walking even more rewarding. Sponsors of this unifying effort for health can be seen on the website.

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