February 27, 2013

Walnuts Reduce Risk for T2D in Women


walnutsIf you like nuts, this is your lucky day. The study published in the Journal of Nutrition showed that higher walnut consumption is associated with a significantly lower risk of T2D in women..

Healthy women, without diabetes, cancer, or cardiovascular disease at the start of the study, were evaluated over a 10 year period. The women were assed every 4 years.

Of the nearly 80,000 women in the study – about 7% reported developing Type 2 diabetes during the 10 year period. Women were asked to complete evaluation questions on their health risks and lifestyle.

According to the questionnaires participants answered during the study, walnut consumption was associated with a lower risk of T2D. Serving size in this study was 1 oz. of walnuts.

The women consumed walnuts in 3 different rations: 1-3 servings per month, 1 serving per week, or more than 2 servings per week. Women who consumed walnuts the lest were more likely to develop T2D, compared to the women who consumed walnuts more often.

Walnuts are considered a superfood.  They are high in Omega 3 fatty acids and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Ladies, if consuming more walnuts in your diet helps to stave-off T2D, do your heart and your body a favor.

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