April 3, 2013

Weight-loss Surgery gives rise to Gut Bacteria that keeps Obesity Away


gut-bacteriaA new study on weight loss surgery indicates the slimming results may be due to  the appearance of a gastrointestinal bacteria that fends-off obesity. 

The study was published in Science Translational Medicine, and points to evidence that “slimming bacteria” in the gut are the reason for reduced body weight after bypass surgery.

In light of this study, researchers are exploring the possibility of treatments that would be noninvasive. These treatments would introduce “slimming bacteria” that would mimic the same results of gastric bypass surgery.

The bariatric surgery that has gained the lion’s share of weight loss surgeries is the Roux-en-Y procedure. Many people have undergone this procedure for the purpose of weight loss and treatment of T2D. However, studies have shown that people who undergo the surgery, gain back weight and once again suffer with T2D.

Rather than buyer’s remorse for body altering surgery, if scientists are able to find a way to cultivate the “slimming bacteria” and promote weight loss and reduction of T2D with a noninvasive approach – we may be looking at a revolutionary approach for growing out of T2D.

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