October 19, 2011

What do you do with your sharps?


It’s rhetorical question what do you do with your sharps?  We all know what we should be doing with them – but do we do it?

Since we know we can’t throw our used sharps into the trash basket (at least in theory we know this to be true) Novo Nordisk, Walgreens and a company named Sharps Compliance Corp. are working together to ensure our waste management is sanitary and sanctioned.

Here’s the deal: Walgreens is offering a free (patent-pending) Sharps’ Complete Needle Collection & Disposal System from October 23 through November 19. It’s an arbitrary timeframe until you see it runs throughout National Diabetes Month. Full disclosure: I think you buy the container and then get a rebate. The Complete Needle Collection & Disposal System will cost around $5 for the container and $20 to ship it a facility for appropriate disposal.

How does it work? It’s a 3 step process: contain, seal, shop. It is a 1 quart container that holds up to 300 pen needles or 70 1cc syringes or   30 3cc syringes. When it’s full – you close the top and pack it up for the US Postal approved delivery to a facility that will properly dispose of your needles.

Like I said – Walgreens and Novo Nordisk are promoting this service for free for National Diabetes Month. Visit your local Walgreens to get a free try at this Complete Needle Collection & Disposal System or checkout the site: https://www.completeneedle.com/