October 4, 2013

Which Sex is Better at Blood Sugar Control?


Unisex door symbolResearchers have found that men have better control over blood sugar than women. The findings were presented at the annual meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes.

The virtual presentation indicated that men with T1D are better at blood sugar control than women, but there is no significant difference in blood sugar control between boys and girls.

The data was analyzed from patients living in 12 different countries All together, the study had over 142.000 people of all ages with T1D.

Overall, the study looked at patients who had HbA1c levels  greater than or equal to 7.5%. The data was analyzed over a 2 year period.

People who had HbA1c levels at or above 7.5%, also known as the worse control group, were boys younger than age 15 or women 15-29. The respective percentage of was 64% and 74%.

Women 15-29 compared to men in this age group, were 8% more likely to do worse than their male counterparts. Women over 30 were 6% more likely to do worse than their male counterparts.

Professor Sarah Wild, University of Edinburgh, UK was an investigator in this study. Dr. Wild hypothesized: “One explanation could be that women tend to have lower haemoglobin levels than men which could explain the higher HbA1c levels, but further research is required to confirm this.”

It’s almost unbelievable to me that men are better at bG control than women. Then again, who’s more likely to stress eat? Who’s more likely to be stressed? Exactly.

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