October 13, 2011

Wireless CGM slated to begin trials


Echo Therapeutics Inc., a Philadelphia based company, is developing a non-invasive, wireless, transdermal continuous glucose monitoring (tCGM) system and a way for transdermal drug delivery.

 These two new developments are called Symphony® tCGM System and Prelude® SkinPrep Systemm. The company is a transdermal medical device company but they are trying to tap into a hugely beneficial market that has yet to see something succeed with this approach: needle-free continuous glucose monitoring. It is riveting and may be able to succeed where others have failed. Today we are applauding the announcement of a clinical study of the Symphony® tCGM System in people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. 

 The chairman and CEO of Echo Therapeutics, Patrick T. Mooney M.D. commented that this study is building on the positive results reported from the last clinical study of the Symphony  System. “This trial is an important step not only for our glucose monitoring technology and the company, but also for the diabetes community.  We believe that Symphony represents an opportunity to better monitor glucose levels in people with diabetes and we look forward to confirming this in the trial.”

In case you’re wondering how the technology works in this device, here’s the scoop: it adheres to the skin much like an Omnipod pump . A device designed to painlessly remove the dead, outer-layer of skin to ensure an uncontaminated source is used (Prelude® SkinPrep Systemm). An hour hater – a blood glucose test is done to calibrate the Symphony System to begin tracking non-invasive glucose readings every minute through the interstitial fluid. If you have 1:30 to check it out – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

A continuous, needle-free, glucose monitoring system would be warmly welcomed by many passengers on the D-train. Best of luck to Echo Therapeutics and the Symphony® tCGM!