December 19, 2011

Your Sex Life with Diabetes is like a Road Trip


You’ve seen studies that confirm complications from diabetes affect the eyes, kidneys, heart, brain, and feet. Nothing is impervious to the damage diabetes can cause. The reality is it can affect everything in your mind, body, and spirit – including the unpublicized indulgences like your sex life.

Diabetes is not the reason damage occurs to the body over time. It is the stress on the body from the rise and fall of blood glucose levels that lead to complications. In type 1 diabetes this insufficiency is caused from the lack of insulin-producing cells (beta cells). In type 2 diabetes this insufficiency is caused from the lack of insulin sensitivity in the cells of the body (mostly skeletal muscle cells and liver cells). Fat cells are insulin sensitive, but they take, take, take and give back NOTHING. This leads to obesity, glucose disturbances, and overworked beta cells.   

Here’s where this scenario gets Dr. Ruth. Good sexual function is a combination of sufficient circulation to body parts and effective communication. Sufficient circulation is important for a well-tuned vehicle on the road. However communication between the nerves  is the road to get you there. Is that too vague? I’ll explain.

Your circulation nourishes your cells, ensures the delivery of oxygen to vital body parts, and transports wastes out of the body. These cells and body parts include organs for form, function, and survival. Keeping your circulation up to par is important for keeping your parts working and in good condition.

Nerves play an integral role in transmitting signals from your toes to the global command center in your brain. This is referred to as signal transduction. You want this signaling highway to be clear. When your blood sugar is high, cells cannot function properly and nerve endings become damaged. It’s like driving on a road in disrepair. You’re headed someplace but you hit a pothole and get a flat tire.  Or the road may be closed and you get lost on your way. Or you may get there but it wasn’t an enjoyable ride.

To ensure you make it, safe and sound, to your destination – take care of your arteries, nerves, and tissues. Stop diabetes from becoming a speed bump in your life travels. These 5 lifestyle factors could keep you flirting with the redline of your gearbox.

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